Archives: Oak Park (Wed) 7/3

Date: Wednesday July 03, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: kodak




7/03 Beatdown

Conditions – WET! Was a literal downpour when I walked out the door. Was very curious who Else would brave the elements. (considered school parking garage for beatdown if lightning was an issue)


PAX – Kodak (QIC), HackeySack, Sheriff, FNG (Audit)



Side Straddle Hops

Mountain Man Poopers

Annie get-ups

  • Lap around soccer field

MN Mike Tyson


Burpee-Broad Jump (width of field – 2x)

  • Partner 1 BBJ’s 5 reps
  • Partner 2 Crab/Bear walks along and picks-up where P1 leaves off

Lap around soccer field

Thang 2:

Suicides 4x (width of field)

Lap around soccer field (tight group)

6MoM – 

Flutter kicks

Thor to 5:20




Naked Moleskin – Why do we train in the rain?!? Because tough elements and tough decisions make our minds and grit stronger. The eventual winter will bring dark+cold mornings and really test the men at that time.

There was no escaping the torrential down-pour as I walked out the door this morning. Even the radar didn’t show a clearing until post-beatdown, but one principle I appreciate of F3 is ‘Rain or Shine’. 

See, one year I was training w/ a friend to bike a century (100 miles) up to Milwaukee. The plan was his idea – he txt’d several guys and suggested we’d ride up Saturday, have a great dinner and night out; then take the Amtrak home Sunday morning. I was in … the only other guy to Hard Commit. I gave up some valuable weekend-time over the course of a few weekends to build on miles and work out logistics … two nights before we were to set out, he called and cancelled due to ‘potential’ weather. I was baffled and not interested in a solo ride (hotel fees and who do you High-Five?!?) At that point I said to myself : “I need to find stronger friends” … glad I found F3.

Huge props to the men who braved the conditions this morning and a heartful welcome back to the men who will return next week. We’re better when more men post and push each other beyond the limits of our comfort zone.

Kodak /Out!




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