Archives: Oak Park (Wed) 7/10

Date: Wednesday July 10, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: kodak





07/10 BeatDown:

AO – Ridgeland Commons Rec Center. (OakPark)

Weather – 70’s and Thick

Pax : Kodak(QIC), HackeySack, Sheriff, Chalmers, Cutter, Audit, LeadPipe, DR Magnito, FNG LittleFingers, FNG Puck. 

Warm Up

SSH x 25 IC

Nancy Kerrigans x 10 IC each leg


  • Plank hold 10ct
  • Mtn climbers x 10 IC

Mosey around the field

Thang 1

SHELDON cooper

PAX run a lap around soccer field (1/4 mile-ish) then 10 Burpees, 10 squats,10 Merkins, 10 Big Boy Sit ups.

Hold plank for the 6

Repeat above with PAX run a lap around the lot, and decrease exercises by 2 each lap (10,8,6…)

Thang 2

Mosey to Ridgeland Commons wall

All PAX get into wall sit and hold.

Pax 1 does 

  • 5 dips
  • 5 Derkins 
  • returns to the wall

Pax 2 does 

  • 5 dips
  • 5 Derkins 
  • returns to the wall

Repeat through all PAX – 2x. 


Flutter kicks x 20

Freddie Mercurys x 20

Peter Parkers x 10

Dolly Partons x 20

Plank / Shoulder-taps x 10




COT – gave thanks for getting out w/ community of men and got stronger. 

Announcements / Upcoming events: 

  • Open invite to join the Downtown pax on a Saturday morning for beatdown, 7-8am at the Bean
  • 7/20 – Open house party at Kodak’s residence, evening-ish for men and M’s. 
  • 7/22 – Sox game w/ DownRange (DR) Crablegs. Denari has details. 
  • 9/20-9/22 F3 GrowRuck weekend / Midwest region convergence … NOT something to miss!! Kodak will share details.


Naked Moleskin: Another ‘Off the Books’ (OTB) beatdown in the Village and couldn’t be happier with the guys who show up and put in the hard work. It’s the natural attitude that they bring that drives this positive culture … we all coulda cuddled w/ wives in bed jst a bit longer, but each choose the harder choice and started the day productive. 

F3 calls this action the DRP (Daily Red Pill) : “The Daily Committment To Accelerate Fitness Fellowship And Faith” and by making this choice rather than coasting through life makes us better for our families and community. 


Official launch has gotta be coming soon and I want the men to start thinking about their VQ’s (first time leading workout) …. what they’d do and how to lead it.


#commitment #DRP



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