Archives: Oak Park – (Wed) 6/26

Date: Wednesday June 26, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: kodak




06/26 Beatdown

AO – Oak Park

Conditions – perfect. It’s hard to find any #Gloom at this time of year in this great City. 

PAX – Kodak (QIC),HackeySack, LeadPipe, FNG (Sheriff), FNG (Cutter), FNG (Chalmers)



Side Straddle Hops

Break Dancers


Flutter Kicks

Mosey towards the Tennis Courts-

Peter Parkers


4×40’s EMOM 10 rounds


Wall Sits (pax ea count to 10)

Bear Crawl

Ball to Wall (ea pax counted to 10 faster)

Crab Walks 

Mosey back to Start

Flutter kicks to p/u six

Thang 2:

Start ea round together-

5 Merkins, Sprint 40′, Lunge back ….

6MoM – 

Thor to 5:20

Box Cutters


Naked Moleskin – Six men made the hard decision to start the day early and hard and 1/2 of them only knew about F3 from Your Humble Correspondent (YHC)’s social media posts – they came out to see what the big deal was and I hope I delivered. They took the Daily Red Pill and chose to do something harder … usually when I make that decision, usually the rest of my day goes well. 

These guys want to continue meeting and training and I’m thrilled by that interest … I won’t say that F3 has directly helped my fitness level, but the consistency of meeting the men downtown has had a great affect plus encouraged me to build on that further. Looking at the group, I can see some solid leadership coming out of the group and I’m interested to see who picks up the ball first to lead a workout. 

Next steps are to keep meeting with consistency and build it up through pax network of friends and have an official lauch! Date TBD.

Kodak /Out!



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