Archives: Oak Park RunClub

Date: Friday November 22, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: littlefinger



Run club tomorrow. Hope everyone likes ladders.


Nine hearty souls made it for a run. Kodak, Hackey Sack, Puck, Cutter, Sheriff, The Show, Pole Cat, and Daniel now dubbed Highlander (there can be only one).

Weather was a balmy 31 and clear.

Warmed up with side straddle hops.

Thang 1 – suicide slides. 25 yard sprint, 10 merkins, back to baseline, 50 yard sprint, 15 squats, back to baseline, 100 yard sprint, 20 short mountain climbers, back to baseline. Rinse and repeat adding 5 reps to each exercise.

Thang 2 – 2 mile ladder run. First mile, sprint one block, jog the next block, repeat. Mile two, sprint two blocks, jog one, repeat.

Thang 3 – squat leap frog.

Another great workout with a great group of guys. Everyone who came out seized the day before it even began.



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