Archives: Oak Park Picnic Table Roller Coaster (Wed) 8/7

Date: Wednesday August 07, 2019

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: edperry21

Hackey Sack
The Missionary
Own Goal
Ken Doll





THE SCENE: Beautiful weather, 64 degrees with no wind!


-Welcome to F3

-I am not a professional

-You are participating at your own risk

-You are responsible for your own well-being

-You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here

-Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


Good mornings ICx15

Hillbillies ICx20

Motivators- Ladder down from 7.

The Thang

THANG 1: Picnic Table Roller Coaster

PAX ran .25 mile to get to the designated area where the picnic tables were hidden. PAX then carried 6 picnic tables to an area about 25 feet away against a wall. Before the PAX placed the tables down, the HIMs did 10 overhead presses before the table was set in place.

PAX did a circuit x1. PAX started with Abyss Merkins, 5 burpees, and ended with a 100yds-ish AYG. Then we did Power-ups, 5 burpees, and ended with a 100yds-ish AYG. We were going to do more, but the OPRF High School Paul Blart Security Guard angrily told us to cease and desist. Sooo this QIC had to punt the rest of the workout.

THANG 2: Zigzagging Bike Racks

PAX zigzagged around bike racks with Side Shuffles x3. After the 3rd zigzag, each HIM then hopped over a 4th and final set of the bike rack followed by a short mosey to some bleachers for a up/ down run x5.

THANG 3: Mini Millennium Falcon

PAX did a 50ish yds dash followed by a first to 100 reps exercise.

Each HIM did the following exercises:

-Deep Air Squats (Own Goal FNG) Winner

-Merkins (Urkel) Winner


PAX ran back to the flags to do the following exercises:

-Negative Big Boy Sit Ups


Circle Of Trust

Today, we prayed for Pi’s Family and Friends who are battling Cancer. We also prayed for Bump who is continuing his fight against Cancer as well.

Naked Man Moleskin

Thank you HIMs of F3 OakPark for giving me the opportunity to lead you all in a workout today. It was an Honor and a Privilege! I set the bar high today and you men rose to the challenge.

The book of Proverbs is jam packed with wisdom and advice about how to live a good life. Proverbs 27:17 tells us to sharpen each other: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This has been a moto for F3 Nation and what it truly means when joining other men for a workout in the Gloom. When I think about this passage, I think about two iron rods rubbing together. As the friction increases, the heat between them increases, allowing them to create a spark between them. Although it may be uncomfortable for the rods to rub in that way, the spark that results, when fanned, becomes a flame that can’t be contained.

Whether you are begin this journey with F3 OakPark or even if you are a seasoned veteran, sometimes fear and being uncomfortable stops us. It prevents us from posting, from giving it our all, to finding excuses for all the reasons why we can’t. Fear keeps us from sharpening each other.

It’s difficult to be someone who sharpens others, and perhaps even more difficult to find a trustworthy person to sharpen you. F3 Nation is not what sharpens you, but the HIM (High Impact Man) standing next to you, across from you, or the guy who occasionally does this F3 thing, even though you want him to post more, (you know the guy I’m talking about.)

There is a mutual advantage when you rub two iron edges together; the blades become sharper, causing the knives to become more effective in their ability. Similarly, we are to sharpen one another—by holding each other accountable for our behaviors, our virtues, our actions.

In essence, “Iron Sharpens Iron” simply means that we make each other better people, especially when looking for support through the workout, or by leading an ear with you need a friend to listen, or when you need a prayer for yourself or a family member. F3 OakPark has a strong foundation and you men will continue to grow. Rely on each other, support each other, and make lasting bonds with the HIMs next to you, like I have with the men of the F3 Nation. Defeat the Fear, conquer the Uncomfortable, be the Iron that Sharpens Iron. Well done F3 OakPark!

We are strong, We grow, We build, We succeed! Here’s to the men of F3 OakPark!

Did I Do That?!

I Sure Did!




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