Archives: Needling for a timely backblast will continue until morale improves

Date: Saturday October 12, 2019

Time: 12:00







PAX Noonan, DR Tao and Homer (taking the Q) posted on Oct 22, a dark, cold, rainy morning. But, as soon as the clock struck 530AM, the rain obediently stopped for the beatdown to commence with fury:

  1. Side-straddle hop
  2. Super Mario Bros
  3. Frankestein
  4. Inch Worm
  5. Mosey to stairs at SE of Millennium Park
  6. Bearway to Heaven
  7. Ricky Balboa
  8. Pump-jack
  9. Old Faithful
  10. Mosey back to the Park
  11. Parker Social Hour
  12. Mosey to the Bean
  13. High Dolly
  14. Leaf Cutter
  15. Freddy Mercury
  16. Heels to Heaven
  17. Doomsday Clock
  18. Slo-mo LBCs

The fates keep throwing more closures at Millennium Park agains the PAX but the PAX’s imrpov skills are without equal and Plan Bs were had where appropriate. Good to have DR Tao (probably misspelled) from Charlotte…you and your NC PAX are welcomed always all day.



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