Archives: Mt. Trashmore – Evanston 8/21

Date: Tuesday August 11, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: Mt. Trashmore – Evanston

QIC: deadic8



New to the IronPAX Challenge? Come one, come all and find out for yourself why it’s been called the greatest athletic competition in the western world by some of the most well respected pundits.

It’s a weekly competition where we will find out who is the strongest, fastest, most well-rounded PAX across F3 Nation. We will introduce ourselves to some of the exercises that we will come to expect from IPC 2020.



Small but mighty group this gloom for an intro to the IronPAX Challenge. We re-visited one of the weeks from IPC 2019 and ran the modified Loredo up and down Sled Hill.

Me & my guy Borland mumble-chatted our way through the workout while dodging other party goers on the hill. Borland tried his best to EH a baby boomer who was getting after it in his own right, cheering us on like a proud mother bear watching her cubs battle the salmon of Capistrano swimming against the fiercest of streams in Aspen, CO.


OYO Shoulder work


Week 0 IPC 2019 (aka The Loredo). 1 Round was 24 merkins, 24 squats, 24 lunges (one leg counts) & a run up the hill and back. 6 rounds of this hellish fun had our legs turning into jelly, I’m sure they feel nice and tight tmrw.


OYO core work. LBCs, flutters. Couple two tree rounds of each.

COT, talked about the winter gloom and how best to avoid any future frozen dick syndrome. Borland suggested utilizing the new $55 million Robert Crown Center quite often.


PAX count was low this morning, couple guys got hit with the blue flu while others are getting in their last minute summer travel. Fellas that we’ve been EHing around town have suddenly gone missing and dark, that’s the effect of a 6 am workout. Sounds fun on an email, little different when the alarm goes off. We’ll keep getting the word out and hope that the F3 bug eventually bites with some. We’re always open for business on Friday mornings, rain or shine.

Personally. workouts like these are fun, you get to spend a dedicated hour with a PAX (or two) that you normally don’t spend time with due to schedules, kids, work, etc. We’re all there, life is busy and hectic. Throw in a worldwide devastating pandemic. Slowing down for an hour a week and spending some quality one-on-one time with another human going through some of the same shit as you, is immeasurable. It’s my WHY. It’s why I do get out of bed in the gloom, it’s why I choose not to press the snooze button. Yes, it sometimes sucks, Yes, at 48, I am sore as hell some days. Hell, it took Kodak almost a year to get me to show up. He never relented in his EHing, he just kept reminding me of its benefits and I’m thankful for his Swedish tenacity. Getting out there and putting in a small amount of work and connecting with other men from my town for a bit worth more than one can put a value on.




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