Archives: Monthly Murph – DipCity – (Sat) 6/29

Date: Saturday June 29, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: deadic8

Marco Polo
Lead pipe





Excellent work by all PAX this morning. Great effort was on full display as F3 Chicago worked through our first fitness test of the year. We hit a solid Murph workout that was modified based on each PAX’s fitness level.

Half of us started at Dip City while a Kodak-led crew started at the Bean and ran north to rendezvous up with us at DC. T-claps to this HIM for having the foresight to grab the stragglers at the Bean and mosey over. Good thing he did since we had DR Sharapova from Atlanta and his FNG brother in law, who know shall be forever known as Grindr. Welcome Grindr, free lifetime membership to a great group.

The Murph started well with our 1-mile run around DC’s well maintained track. Then we carried on with the rest of the workout. 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups and 300 air squats. Finished it up with a 1-mile run. Each PAX partitioned the workout as needed. YHC ran a Rx Murph, which is the workout with 20-lb weighted vest. Had to set a good tone and lead from the front. 1st FQ can’t be calling shots from the rear.

Moleskin, ton of positivity within the group. Each PAX seemed to be really pushing himself and we all set a good individual baseline for our next fitness test. Comz Q and YHC discussed the frequency of the Murph and decided upon a quarterly test versus monthly. Need to spread these out and not overtake the weekly Qs.

Missed our regulars, like our beloved Nantan Denari, others like Mimbo, Lavender, Sweet Tooth, Mary Lou and my main man, Hot Lips. These boys would’ve been a nice addition to the group but the PAX that were there more than made up for their absence. It’s awesome to have some of the newer PAX like Peaches and Spicoli get involved and stay involved. These HIMs are motivating for us old guys to keep getting after it each week.

Well done all around, great effort from each man. Hopefully, we carry this mentality through the rest of our weekend and provide a positive male role model for each of our own inner circle. Whether it be as a father, husband, brother, son or friend. Lessons learned from F3 and surrounding myself with men like these, is the main reason I show up and post. You are who you keep in your circle. If your circle is shit, so are you.

Ladybug out,,,



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