Archives: Memorial Park – LaGrange 9/11

Date: Tuesday September 01, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: Memorial Park – LaGrange

QIC: denari

My Buddy
Mr. Burns
Slick Back


It’s Week #2 of IPC – The Wheel of Misfortune. BYOCoupon! Scored by total reps in 43 minutes.

  1. Derkin (decline merkin)
  2. Blockee (burpee with block)
  3. Weighted Squat
  4. Swings
  5. Vertical Chest Press
  6. Alpos

400m run to start each round.10 Thursters before rifle carry to #’d exercise station. Rifle carry back. Rinse, repeat!

YHC put up 485 reps at F3 Oak Park’s Donut Shop AO in the gloom on Wednesday (above average!). Which LG pax will beat that? Show up tomorrow and do it.




YHC got to the rainy AO at 0400 to setup this insane Week 2 Iron Pax Challenge. Just kidding, this wasn’t that complicated.

Conditions: relatively gloomy, a little misty before the 0600 start time, and overcast. No big deal for the doods of F3 LaGrange!

The Thang: Week 2 IPC!

Naked Moleskin: Two FNGs this week! Well… actually one, as the other had posted for IPC Week 1, but ran off before COT. This guy who ditched previously was EHd by another guy who likes to skip out on responsibilities on Friday (named Sloan, after Ferris Buller’s girlfriend), so we named him after Principal Rooneys secretary. Welcome, GRACE!!! The other FNG has been being EHd by F3 Chicago’s Nant’an, Homer, since the launch of F3 Chicago in Sep 2017. Three years later, there’s an AO less than a mile from his house, this HIM posts to his first workout. Welcome, Guano! That was one helluva personal running story you told us during COT…

  • HIM Sloan is expecting his first 2.0 in the coming weeks. We wish this man the gift of health, as well to his M and soon to be expanded family.
  • Two pax had to cut out before the end of the workout due to family/work call times. They still showed up in the gloom to put the work in; true HIM move. When looking to expand LaGrange to another day, we will consider an earlier start time.
  • Two of our pax, Bode and Grace (and YHC), are GRTs with solid rucking experience. LaGrange is looking to grow the rucking culture and plan to participate in GORUCK StarCourse in Madison with Oak Park pax in October.
  • Solid 2nd going on with F3 Chicago fantasy football. Pax from Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park, and LaGrange (and a former Chicago HIM that re-load to Philly!) make up the owners of the fairy tale league and had a fun draft last week with 8 pax on a Zoom call. This is an excellent way for pax to meet each other and stay in touch across the rather large Chicago region.
  • Only two short weeks before the Big Bang launch of F3 LaGrange! The shovel flag will be officially planted on Friday, Sep 25. Oak Park’s hard charging 1st F Q, Cutter, is Q for the workout, and pax from neighboring regions will hope in the clown car for the launch!
  • Pax remember the horrific terrorist attack on our country. We post to F3 to make an impact on our lives and the world around us. On this day, it is important to keep in mind how you can get right, live right, lead right, and leave right. Everyone was impacted on this day in 2001. We will never forget.





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