Archives: Memorial Park – LaGrange 8/28 – IPC Week 0

Date: Friday August 28, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: Memorial Park – LaGrange

QIC: denari

Mr. Burns
Slick Back
Abe Lincoln
Johnny Hopkins
My Buddy


Iron Pax Challenge (IPC) is here. Week 0 workout dropped on Sunday night. While Week 0 is a practice round and does not count towards your IPC score, it’s a tasty little appiteaser into the next the four weeks.

I highly encourage all pax to sign up and input their IPC scores.

Sign Up and Scoring Input:

Week 0 video demo of exercise form. This is important!

Below are workout details. QIC is going to push pax to finish under 40min!

Iron Pax – Week 0

50 air squats

40 big Bois

30 Merkins

20 Bonnies

10 Burpees

Run 400 meters

rinse and repeat 4 times


The air was thick that day my friend. Nine pax didn’t care. One was an FNG. Cojones grande to lose FNG status during IPC; welcome, Bush!

The Thang – IPC Week 0

Week 0 workout is 4 Rounds for time of the following exercises:50 Air Squats

40 Big Boi Situps

30 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blairs

10 Burpees

400 Meter Run


Mr. Burns – 30:20

Sloan – 31:50

My Buddy – 33:00

Slick Back – 35:10

Denari – 35:35

Bush – 37:30

Noonan – 38:00

Abe Lincoln – 39:10

Johnny Hopkins – 39:10

Naked Moleskin

Pax are excited for IPC 2020 and encouraged to sign up and post their scores.

The humid, thick air of the gloom surely slowed the time for YHC. Even the headband and longsleeve MudGear race jersey couldn’t keep the sweat from flying. Other pax chose the proper way to post IPC; shirtless! Tclaps to Noonan from F3 Chicago for posting with F3 LaGrange. Welcome, My Buddy, who has posted several times with the men in F3 Geneva. And Tclaps to Bush for the FNG post during IPC. Every pax left stronger than they arrived. I saw heads held high, with a sense of accomplishment and pride, and a little extra “hop in their step”. This F3 thing is really going to take off in LaGrange…

Announcement – Friday, Sep 25 is the BIG BANG! F3 Oak Park HIM and 1st F Q, Cutter, is QIC for the official launch and flag planting of F3 LaGrange. This launch date coincides with the 3-year anniversary of F3 Chicago/Naperville/Wheaton, and we are looking to have a convergence from all local regional pax to make this Big Bang launch memorable!