Archives: Memorial Park – LaGrange 8/21

Date: Tuesday August 11, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: Memorial Park – LaGrange

QIC: denari

Slick Back
Abe Lincoln
Johnny Hopkins


24h from now, #F3LaGrange pax will have finished an AMRAP workout. For some pax, this may be their first timing doing (or hearing of) AMRAP. Isn’t it exciting?!


Memorial Park



#fitness #fellowship #faith


6 LG pax showed up, and a lotta the same dudes as the prior weeks. We’ve got a real solid group of regulars

Easy PreBlast does not mean easy workout. LG pax did a BLIMPS AMRAP, and it smoked ’em.

Warm Up:

21s – (SSH IC, pax count down first 5 reps. Then, all pax silently count down 16 reps OYO and finish last rep at the exact same time)

  • pax did not finish at the exact same time (likely Q’s fault), so 10 penalty burpees were had


B – 5 burpees

L – 10 lunges

I -10 imperial walkers

M – 10 merkins

P – 2 pull-ups

S – 10 squats

  • lap around the field


  • J Lo
  • Catalina Wine Mixer

Naked Moleskin

  • Reddick pulls one of the greatest Kotter’s of all time. I don’t think this HIM has posted since his 2018, but a HIM nonetheless.
  • Mumbled chatter came out hot, but was quickly silenced. AMRAP is not conducive for mum chatta…
  • Iron Pax Challenge was introduced and registration encouraged
  • Big Bang launch is 1 month away, Sep 25, coinciding with the 3-year anniversary of the launch of F3 Chicago, Naperville, and Wheaton