Archives: Let them eat sandwiches – The Bean 6/25

Date: Monday June 15, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown


Sweet Tooth




Chevy Chase Flirt GIF

UnZoom the Gloom is on a tear as two Pax posted in person (Sweet-tooth and Homer on the Q) at Parque De Noonan. The Pax quickly got down to business. A new thang made its debut – the Running Sandwich – which will make a return and no doubt be modified with various condiments and toppings.

1.    Motivator

2.    High Knee

3.    Butt Kicker

4.    Abe Vigoda

5.    Seal Clap

6.    Lunge

7.    Frankenstein

8.    Running Sandwich: Mosey/Air Squats 40/Mosey/Situps 30/Mosey/Burpees 20/Mosey/Box Jumps 10/Mosey

9.    Merkin – 10

10. Rocky Balboa – 100

11. Incline Merkin – 10

12. Mt. Climber – 20

13. Decline Merkin -10

14. Slo-Mo LBCs

15. Heels to Heaven

16. Box Cutter

17. Mosey

The Pax will lose Sweet-tooth for a week as he heads back to the Hospitality State for quality time for the yet-to-be-initiated Pax and son. Spirits are high as the Pax turn to June 26 for the launch of F3 Evanston although Homer isn’t sure of what kind of wine to bring for the occasion in the morning in Heavenston.



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