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Date: Saturday February 29, 2020

Time: 07:00





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Tomorrow is Feb 29, Leap Day. Only a beatdown this intense can happen every four years. Don’t miss it–people will think something is wrong with you for the rest of the weekend. 


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If “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is true, truer still is “a boatload of burpees begins with the first squat.” The Pax who posted on 2/29 Leap Day (Cutter, Ladybug, Kodak, Lavender, RA, RAT, Homer QIC) unknowingly and collectively coined that truism. Homer prided himself when he cooked up a diabolical new thang to inflict on the Pax. Little did he know that the thang would become a Frankenstein’s Monster as the Pax valiantly attempted to break the back of the thang before Endex:

1. Motivator – from 10

2. Frankenstein

3. Butt Kicker

4. Indian Run

5. The Gauntlet – BLIMPS around the J. Pritzker Pavilion. Props to Ladybug who won the Bill Durden Award for getting to “P” before Homer called it for Mary. 

6. American Hammer – 20

Naked Moleskin: While no Pax finished The Gauntlet, all showed heart to do the work taking it one step at a time. Many passersby no doubt gawked with confusion at the odd bodily contortions the Pax engaged in, but the Pax paid them no mind. And, all throughout the whole punishing routine, no complaints. All the fingerprints of an F3 morning. 




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