Archives: Irving Elementary RunClub, Oak Park 10/23

Date: Friday October 23, 2020

Time: 05:30


QIC: footloose



Let’s stretch out those wings and fly around our new 5:30am AO location (Irving Elementary), with a few landings along the way..


Eagles Landing:

Weather: 66 and prrrrfect


Alliance, RA, Kodak, LED, Hackysack, Iron Calf, Footloose on the Q


Motivators (start at 6)

Daisy Cutters

Abe Vigoda/Seal Claps


High knees

Butt Kicks

Power Skips



Thang 1: w/Tabata

Jog West to Rehm Park & Tabata

-Little Boys

-Plank high/low

-Big Boys

-Plank shoulder taps

Thang 2: w/ Tabata

Jog West to Euclid & Tabata

-Hill Lunges up and down

-Squat Kicks

-Bonnie Blairs

-Squat Jumps

Thang 3: w/ Tabata

Jog West to Carroll & Tabata

-Broad Jump Burpee

-Decline Merkins


-Tricep dips

Thang 4:

Indigenous Peoples Run OP Ave to Ridgeland Ave.

Dynamics Sideline to Sideline..

Shuffles x2

karaoke x2

Back Pedal then Sprint back x3

Circle up: Tabata 

Stutter Jacks

Mountain Climbers

High Knee Jacks

Regular Merkins

Belly Flutters

Flutter kicks

Box cutters


Thanks for participating in our maiden voyage here at Eagles Landing!

We are all coming in with various strengths and weaknesses in terms of our fitness ability levels. We also all have various obstacles and struggles in our own personal lives. Let’s try to motivate and continually pick each other up during these workouts and in real life. 



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