Archives: I get knocked down, but I get back up again – The Bean (Sat) 4/11

Date: Wednesday April 01, 2020

Time: 12:00



Marco Polo





Pax who puts the ‘good looking’ in F3 Chicago

Global pandemics have a nasty habit of messing with routines. Leave it to the three Pax (Marco Polo, Nooan and Homer on the Q) posted on April 11 to adapt and thrive. The pax posted at the temporary AO Oz Park which, heretofore, will be known as Emerald City, unless a more clever Pax comes up with a better name.

  1. Motivator – from 10
  2. Butt Kicker
  3. Twisting Lunge
  4. Frankenstein
  5. 11s, round I – Squats & Merkins
  6. 11s, round II – Burpees & LBCs
  7. Breakdancer
  8. Plankjacks – 20
  9. Mt Climbers – 20
  10. Penguins
  11. Slo-Mo LBCs
  12. Freddy Mercury
  13. Xs & Os
  14. Alphabet

Naked Moleskin: Lots of foot traffic this morning. The Lincoln Park Trixies, stroller-pushing families and Twentysomething bros no doubt thought the assembled Pax were weird, what with all the cadences and coordinated workouts, but the Pax embraced it. Homer’s precise geographic position in the park made his cadence count echo down the block. Lincoln Park, whether holed up in their homes or out and about, knew F3 Chicago was in their neighborhood. The Pax also heard two large noises at approximately 8AM, ones that sounded like two bombs detonating. Until Google can explain this event, it will remain an unsolved mystery.