Archives: Flag raising, FNG posting, February glooming – The Bean (Sat) 2/23

Date: Saturday February 23, 2019

Time: 07:00


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What do this:




And this have in common?


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Seventy-four years ago today, six U.S. Marines raised a U.S. flag on Iwo Jima two days into the battle creating one of the most iconic images of WW II. There would be 33 more days of fighting before the island was captured; the actions taken during the battle would earn more Congressional Medals of Honor (27) than any other battle in U.S. history. How else you can explain this feat except that all these men were connected to and motivated by something bigger than themselves? The PAX who showed up that morning (FNG Trench, Joker, Kodak, Ladybug, MaryLou, Mimbo, Noonan, and Homer taking the Q) posted for the same reason.


1.    Dive Bomber

2.    Katana (partner assisted Frankenstein)

3.    Radio Taiso (Motivator from 13)

4.    Hero’s Run (Indian Run)

5.    Howitzer (Old Faithful)

6.    Take Mt. Suribachi (Wheel barrel)

7.    Howitzer Faceoff (Ladybug wins!)

8.    Freedom Run

9.    Devil Dog Relay

10. Medal of Honor (circuit: 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 squats)

11. Tojo’s Burpee (Burpee in the Bullring)

Lots of Naked Moleskin today (Goose sh*t galore; Tower of Babel exercise instructions; Q out of gas). Welcome FNG (and Marist man) Trench!