Archives: F3 Oak Park – 6/12

Date: Wednesday June 12, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: kodak




Question : Do you like to say “I was there when this started?”

Answer : TWO were there at the unofficial, not-yet-launched, (soft-launch) of F3 OakPark.


Weather – perfect

PAX – Kodak, FNG (yet to be named buddy Dave)




  • SSH
  • 4 point Lunges
  • Break Dancers


Thang 1: (Parking Garage)

7’s – Merkin at the bottom, Burpee at the top of ramp.


Thang 2: (Turf Field)

Dora 50-100-200

Partner 1 does Jumping Squats, Squats, Lunges

while Partner 2 Ape Walks, Bear Crawls, Crab Walks …

Quick End for parenting obligations; no COT or name for said FNG.

Naked Moleskin:

This beatdown was set-up following a request from DR PAX looking for a workout on the West side of Chicago … I know, Right?? These Charlotte boys are not used to traveling several miles for F3, but seem to have an Area of Operation (AO) on every corner .. never the less, I was happy to accomodate as Oak Park is on the radar for expansion and I wanted to test out a potential AO; plus try to get some local pax and new guys involved.

DR Cancels. I already put the bat-signal out to existing pax and interested friends; did not get any Hard Commits. SO, I knew I needed to post anyways and was really glad to see a friend waiting when I arrived, (lve sooner next time, I suppose). Solid guy, great hockey background and as I am a ‘middle of the pack’ athlete, he pushed me hard during Thang 1 when it was one-on-one. Hope to see him Downtown to introduce him to the other boys and show-off the great AO we have in the City, give him a proper F3 nickname!

In a race w/ F3 Evanston to be the next AO within F3 Chicago’s region, I’d have to say that our kick-off on a not-so-gloomy morning was a success. One man at a time.