Archives: F3 Chicago: The Goat Rodeo (Walsh Park, Weds 06:00)

Date: Wednesday July 22, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: The Goat Rodeo – Bucktown

QIC: mimbo





Walsh Park (Ashland and East End of 606 Trail) Wednesdays, 06:00 AO Lead: MaryLou 

First-timer at the Goat Rodeo as a rare late-start day at work gave me the opportunity. And what an opportunity it was:

Warm a Rama

  • SSH
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Arm circles/OH claps/seal claps
  • Warmup mosey lap around Walsh Park

Thang 1

Bearmuda Triangle (X3)

  • In which PAX bear crawl 30 yds to first spot, do a burpee, bear crawl 30 yds to second spot on triangle, do 2 burpees, bear crawl to 3rd spot and do 2 burpees

Thang 2

  • 10 box jumps superset into 20 calf raises (X3)

Thang 3 

  • Partner up, partner 1 does 10 pullups while partner 2 lunges (X2)

Thang 4

  • Switched up partners
  • Each pair responsible for 50 merkins, 100 LBCs, 100 Squats while alternating 100 yd down and back runs

~3 MoM

  • Homer chooses heels to heaven
  • Mary Lou goes with American Hammers
  • FNG Crocs goes with swimmer kicks
  • YHC goes with 10 Big Boy situps to finish it out

Naked moleksine:

So cool welcoming Crocs into our workout this morning and thus our community. He’s new to Chicago and had the good sense to see some dudes working out in the park at 6am and ask to join (even without the proper footwear!). After we gave him his nickname, Homer said to him “you have no idea what you just got yourself into”. Very true, very beautiful. Great times at the Goat Rodeo.