Archives: Eagles Landing– Oak Park RunClub 11/13

Date: Friday November 13, 2020

Time: 05:30


QIC: kodak



11/13 Pre : Kodak has the Q at #EaglesLanding RunClub tmr! 

Planning to stay local and continue Monday’s ladder theme and stick together in South OP. 

0530-0615 @ Irving Field #SYITG



11/13 Eagles Landing RunClub : F3 OakPark

I as got outta bed and into the bathroom where I set out my clothes the previous night, I checked my Steve and the morning screen stated that the temps were 43*. I was shocked … it was wrong and thankfully I checked a diff app and saw temps dropping – put the shorts away and get ready for the wind!

Conditions : 30’s and windy

Pax : Fogger, Footloose, IronCalf, Kodak (QIC), LED, Linus, RA

WarmUp : 

SSH / Imperial Walkers – In Cadence

Partner WU : 

  • P1 works on Leg Swings and Hinge-Squats
  • P2 Runs width of field : A-Skips, Side-Shuffle, Bounding (Rinse+Repeat)

Thang : Neighborhood Ladder Run

Sprint : Rest (heading East/South/West)

200m : 200m (Cuyler to Harvey)

400m : 200m (Cuyler to Lymen)

600m : 200m (Harvey to S. Humphrey)

800m : 200m (N. Humphrey to S. Cuyler)

1000m : HOLD for the 6 (Harvey to S. Euclid)


Pax waited at the West end of this run. Each contributing by adding an exercise for the waiting party / counting cadence until the next runner arrives. Short on time, so quick plan change …

(Heading North/East)

1000m :  (S. Euclid to Cuyler)

Pax split to p/u the 6 while remaining 3 took turns leading ENDEX (End Exercise) as the group reformed :

  • Flutter Kicks
  • SSH-Burpees
  • Box Cutters
  • High/Low Plank

COT / Count/Name-o-Rama / Announcements

  • 11/14 Cutter is leading an OTB downtown in Grant Park. 0615 is kick-off for Extra Credit Run or Ruck, 0700 is start for bootcamp.
  • 11/21 RA and Rancid are leading Q-School for anyone interested; no matter your leading experience, this will offer some good lessons in the what+why we do what we do while leading an F3 workout.

YHC closed w/ an echo of a recent conversation at TheForge – we take the time for ourselves to get better each morning .. it might be considered a selfish act to put ourselves first, but that’s why we do it so early in the morning – before the house gets active. So – we take care of ourselves FIRST, so that we can go home and serve our families. Practice asking your M (your ‘Most Important Relationship’) “what can you do today to help her most?” She will likely respond, but that’s a good thing! 

/Kodak OUT!



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