Archives: Donut Shop – Oak Park 9/2

Date: Wednesday September 02, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park

QIC: littlefinger



Monday was interesting to say the least. So what better way to follow it up with some early morning donuts.

come on out for one that I’m calling What the Ruck!?!?


14 PAX put in for What the Ruck!?!?

A one mile ruck with coupon. At every cross street, we got down with:

25 side straddle sumo squats

20 curls

15 shoulder presses

10 merkin climbers (1 merkin, 1 mountain climber, repeat) on the coupon

Monkey humpers and hold 6 were implemented at certain corners to allow the team to come together.

We started together as a team and finished as a team.



F3 Chicago