Archives: Donut Shop – Oak Park 8/5

Date: Tuesday August 04, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park

QIC: littlefinger



We are going to try and be respectful of our sound sensitive neighbors but we will get some work done. I’m dubbing this operation Quiet Thunder.


9 PAX made Operation Quiet Thunder a success. I truly hope our neighbor has a good sleep.

Silent warmup


Imperial walkers 20 OYO

Smurf jacks 20 OYO

Thang 1 – The Century

Run 1/4 of the lot and back, 25 coupon curls

Run 1/2 of the lot and back, 25 coupon squats

Run 3/4 of the lot and back, 25 overhead presses

Run full length of the lot and back, 25 iron flutterflies

Rinse and repeat

Thang 2 – The Hustle

Run 1/4 of the lot, 20 straddle squats with coupon

Run to mid lot, 15 high lat pulls with coupon

Run to 3/4 lot, 10 crossover merkins on the coupon

Run to the end of lot, 10 mountain climbers

Reverse direction and reps

rinse and repeat

Thang 3 – Jumpy Bears

Broad jump and crawlbear to original position

10 OYO


American hammers with coupon

Iron cross with coupon

Merkin climbers – 10 merkins followed by 10 mountain climbers, repeat 3 times

Respect does not mean we agree. It means that we allow each other to express our views as equals and discuss the differences civilly. I think this is something that has been lacking in society lately and I hope that we can help promote it again.