Archives: Donut Shop – Oak Park 11/4

Date: Wednesday November 04, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park


My Buddy
Little Finger


Come ready to move and cover some ground. We may even see some new heights in Oak Park unless Paul Blart stands in our way.


Been a while since YHC planned and led a workout. Always feels good to have the energy of the Q, and good for YHC to have the accountability of a workout to lead after a sleepless night. It was awesome to see 13 other pax join in. Here’s what we did…

Conditions: 54 and clear, a beautiful Fall morning

The Thang:

Warm up with…

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 IC

Blerkins x 10 IC

Grab your block and get ready to move

Head South down Scoville and stop at each intersection for…

10 Overhead Press

10 Front Squats

10 Curls

10 Power Cleans

Stop at Fenwick High School, admire the large parking garage with so many levels that could produce opportunities to #getbetter, but the lights popped on as soon as YHC turned the corner and the large sign that said private property gave the feeling that 14 dudes with cinder blocks may not be fully welcome so…

Complete another set of 10-10-10-10 on flat ground

Head North up East and stop at each intersection for…

10 Overhead Press

10 Front Squats

10 Curls

10 Power Cleans

In total, 90 OHP, 90 Front Squats, 90 Curls, 90 power cleans and 1.60 miles covered.


YHC asked for a moment of prayer…”Heavenly father, thank you for another day on this earth and the abilities we have to come out each morning to get better. We ask for your strength as we head into this day, with a country divided and allow us the compassion to listen and be present for many in our life who will wake up scared and concerned. Allow us to be present for these in our life and remember to leave no man behind.”


November 7…9:30 am, Waterfall Glenn, 10 mile Ruck event

November 14…7:00 am, Chicagoland convergence at the Bean

November 21…8:30 am Q School at the Wreck Center



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