Archives: Donut Shop – Oak Park 11/11

Date: Wednesday November 11, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park

QIC: verintthe



What’s a more magical number than 11/11? Come and find out tmrw with some coupons


13 pax braved the gloom: Kodak, Linus, Scrooge, Kipling, Fogger, LED, Hackysack, Rossy, RA, Alliance, Bronco, and YHC. (who did I miss? shame on me)


11 arm circles, motivators, m.climbers, cherry pickers

Thang 1 w/coupons:

10 squats, cross parking lot (no coupon), 1 burpee

9 curls, cross, 2 burpees

8 overhead press, 3 burpees

7 incline merkins, 4 burpees

6 situps, 5 burpees

5 dumbbell swings, 6 burpees

4 horizontal chest press, 7 burpees

3 box jumps, 8 burpees

2 neg incline merks, 9 burpees

1 manmaker, 10 burpees

Dash (no coupons) to a high-school garage with ramps, first down, wait in plank for the six, then upt to the roof: 11 burpees

Mosey back to Donut Shop

Thang 2: 

Head&Shoulders, Knees&Toes (11 reps)


22 box-cutters, freddy mercuries, sit-ups

Last-ditch effort:

Cross parking lot w/coupon in rifle carry, do 22 reps of a coupon exercise of choice (curls recommended), back in rifle carry

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama (respect!) 

Moleskine: Pray for the country. If you can’t pray, hope and do for those you care for, which should be EVERYONE.



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