Archives: Donut Shop – Oak Park 10/21

Date: Wednesday October 21, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park

QIC: davidosta

Little Finger


It’s my turn! I have enjoyed my trips to the Donut Shop as a customer. I’m looking forward to a chance behind the counter.

And in case you were worried – they find Nemo in the end. You will too tomorrow!


CONDITIONS – 50s, dark – but not raining!


Daisy Pickers, Grady Corns, Goof Balls, Merkins

THANG 1: Top Gun / Danger Zone

Perform 5 reps each of 5 standing coupon exercises:

1.       Curls

2.       Alpos

3.       Kettle Swings

4.       Overhead Press

5.       Squats

Repeat 5 coupon exercises AND 3 Burpees EMOM. Resume where you left off after Burpees. We went many rounds (~10).

Travel to OPRF Parking Garage

THANG 2: High Fives

PAX complete each station at the top of the garage ramp before moving to the next station

All stations (except #4) have a WO at the top of the ramp which starts with 1 Rep and ascends up to 5 Reps each trip to the top.

Station 1 – Manmaker Merkin – high plank, pull coupon under from right side, then left side – 2 is 1

Station 2 – Elf on the Shelf – Place coupon on left side and pick to put on shelf to upper right, alternate as reps go up – 1 is 1

Station 3 – Rock-a-Bye Babies – Wall Sit (lift coupon up to chest, push coupon out, twist left and right)

Station 4 – No WO. Just up and down x5

Station 5 – Squats

Timed out at Station 3! Dang. It was a lot of coupon carrying. Legs will be tired today.

Returned to Donut Shop to clean up with some decline merkins.

Welcome to FNG – Iron Calf!


Listen to the story you tell about yourself and the things that happen in your day, week, year, etc. After something happens, are you telling a story about getting stronger or too weak to keep up? improving or never gonna get it?, learning or getting it wrong? Listen closely to the story you tell about yourself each day and show kindness to yourself when you face tough spots, challenges or things don’t go quite as planned. Here is how someone else wrote it: “You can’t control many things in life. Where you were born, who raised you, what diseases you’re predisposed you to — that was never for you to decide. But what you can do is change the story about what these things mean. Be kind to your protagonist and reinforce a story that serves you.”



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