Archives: Don’t Fear the Reaper (or the Chicago weather) The Bean (Sat) 1/11

Date: Saturday January 11, 2020

Time: 07:00



Sweet Tooth


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They’ve done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time. There’s only one way to bag a classy lady, give her two tickets to the gun show. I don’t know if you heard me counting but I did like a thousand.

You’ve heard them before, come out and hear them again. From LadyBug’s top 10 fave movie of all time and the source of his most repeated movie quotes in his repertoire outside of Trading Places. Homer loves em, you can too,,,

Bring a weighted sack or vest if you have one, we’ll be putting in some light work as we stroll through city. Wouldn’t expect to break a sweat at all, should be fun and delightful.



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With the QIC smartsacking it, the Pax (HackeySack, Kodak, LED, Noonan, Sweet-tooth, RAT and Homer taking the stand-in Q) posted on on Jan 11 and got down to it:

  1. Side Straddle Hop
  2. Leprechaun
  3. Frankenstein
  4. Reach For It
  5. Inchworm
  6. 100 Club (100 Step-ups, Side Straddle Hops, Squats, Merkins, Lunges, LBCs each)
  7. Abe Vigoda
  8. Suicides
  9. Old Faithful
  10. Mosey
  11. Breakdancer
  12. Old Faithful Face-off
  13. Freddy Mercury
  14. Doomsday Clock
  15. Heels to Heaven
  16. Heel Taps
  17. Flutter Kicks
  18. Guantanamo


Naked Moleskin Alert: The stand-in Q awoke this morning to the unwelcoming sounds a shrill wind banging on his bedroom window inviting him to come out to play. Recalling the forecast of a wintery slush that would accompany the foul lake effect winds, the stand-in Q made the executive decision to go down below to the garages before the beatdown. At ENDEX, one Pax made his disappointment known. “Workouts are to be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold,” he said. He is right. Going down below is kind of like seeking out mom’s warm embrace. Remaining in your comfort zone. We all know the magic only happens when you push hard on that comfort zone that surrounds us. The wider, the better; the tighter, the worser. In reality, had the decision been to stay above ground, it would have been a little messy, but all Pax would have completed the beatdown. And they would have confirmed to themselves that no Chicago winter can deter these men. Lesson learned: fight the temptation for the easy way. When we say “iron sharpens iron,” remember, that goes for weather on man in addition to man on man.




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