Archives: Dip City (Thu) 9/13

Date: Thursday September 13, 2018

Time: 05:30


QIC: denari

DR – Macho Man
DR – FNG (Sit Down)




5 pax did the thang, one face planted (he’s okay!).

Started off with a mosey to the stairs at the MCA to do…. STAIRS. Warm up also included SSH and Don Quixote.

Mosey back to Dip City (pit stop to do curls with paver bricks) to complete the Bama Basher Circuit

  • dips/knee raises
  • pull-ups
  • merkins
  • military press with 30# ruck plate
  • 400m run

Finished with leg/Mary combo

  • shoulder taps
  • straight arm dead hang ’til failure
  • 100m walking lunge
  • 100m reverse run
  • slow lever negatives
  • the breakdancer

F3 Chicago loves hosting DR pax, especially when they bring FNGs! Tclaps to Macho Man for bringing FNG who finished first in the straight arm dead hang! Welcome, Sit Down.

P.S. anyone ever heard of the movie “Stand Up”? Apparently, it’s a decent flick. In fact, some pax consider it to be their favorite!



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