Archives: Dip City – Downtown 10/22

Date: Thursday October 22, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown

QIC: rancid





F3 Chicago – Dip City AO (Garage)

Erie Ontario Self Park

Thursday, October 22, 2020 

45°, Steady Rain

PAX: Noonan, Homer, Rancid

QIC: Rancid

Picking up the open Q for a double-dose of Rancid led beatdowns. The original intention was to lead the PAX through The Murph at Dip City (Lake Shore Park), but the prospect of heavy rains prompted an Audible to move the Shovel Flag to a garage a few blocks south of our AO (which was, regrettably, lacking in pull-up bars). QIC had never been to this location before, so he had no idea what to expect. Dealer’s Choice was issued; a plan was to be made-up once we got there.  


F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

It is the mission of F3 to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. F3 is always free, it is open to all men, held outdoors, led in rotation, and it ends with circle of trust. Introduction and disclaimer. No FNG’s. 3 PAX. 

Mosey to southwest corner of the block to the stairs. Climb 11 flights and circle up



12 IC – Abe Vigoda (forwards)

12 IC – Abe Vigoda (backwards)

12 IC – Seal Claps

12 IC – Overhead Claps

10 IC – Big Ones (side-to-sides)

20 IC – Mountain Climbers

Mosey one Lap around the 11th floor of the garage


11’s (Burpees/Big Boys)

1 Burpee, Run ½ Lap, 10 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

2 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 9 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

3 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 8 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

4 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 7 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

5 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 6 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

6 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 5 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

7 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 4 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

8 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 3 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

9 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 2 Big Boys, Run ½ Lap

10 Burpees, Run ½ Lap, 1 Big Boy, Run ½ Lap

20 count to recover


Tabata’s (HIIT Training)

Set a timer – 20sec exercise, 10sec rest

   Copperhead Squats; Monkey Humpers; Tempo Merkins; LBC’s

     Rinse & Repeat x2

Mosey one Lap around the 11th floor of the garage

Set a timer – 40sec exercise, 10sec rest (exercises called by Noonan & Homer)

   Freddie Mercury’s; Resistance Merkins; Plank; WGS (World’s Greatest Stretch)

     Rinse & Repeat x2

Mosey down 11 stories of ramps and return to the Shovel Flag exactly at time


Count-off. Video Name-O-Rama. Announcements.

·       Noonan’s Farewell Dinner on Saturday, 10/24 – see Slack for details

Although this was a bit of a stumble-through, each man who posted this morning got at least a little bit better. We are so lucky and so grateful to be able to join together in The Gloom, and we look forward to sharing this good energy with all FNGs and fellow PAX who post with us this impending Winter – and beyond!

Ended in prayer. (Thank you, Sky Q!) All PAX joined for coffeteria at Stan’s Donuts. 






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