Archives: Dip City 8/2 – Gone Swimmin’

Date: Thursday August 02, 2018

Time: 05:30


QIC: denari

Sweet Tooth
DR – Eldrick




4 pax including down range HIM, Eldrick enjoyed a Denari Q’d original beatdown at Dip City.

  • 3 sets of dips/pull ups
  • 3 sets of squats/stairs/monkey humpers (facing Lake Shore Drive!)

Mosey to Ohio St Beach

  • 2 sets of beach suicides (avoiding the grooming tractor)
  • 1 set Lake Michigan swim the length of the beach!

Mosey back to Dip City

Mary: 60 second high plank, 60 second lowered merkin hold, 20 IC Freddie Mercury, 20 IC Iron Cross

Moleskin: Sweet Tooth called out YHC and QIC to EH the man with the dog. Turns out that the man with the dog, John Lane, has a twin brother who is an original Charlotte pax! John assumed that we were F3, and now he is certain!



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