Archives: Dip City 7/12

Date: Thursday July 12, 2018

Time: 05:30


QIC: denari

GUY – DR from Birmingham




Denari took Q due to an unexpected fartsack from pax that will remain nameless. Special thanks to Girardi for prescribed beatdown that still took hold!

The 400m track at #DipCity was fully utilized this morning.

Warm up 400m lap

400m run – 100m recovery

800m run – 200m recovery

1200m run – 300m recovery

800m run – 200m recovery

400m run – 100m recovery

Deep, heels on the ground, squats completed the run heavy beatdown.

NMS: Guy and Denari discussed AO favorite exercises, providing inspiration and motivation for forthcoming weinke builds. @F3Chicago pax, a Birmingham smokefest exercise is imminent!



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