Archives: Columbus Park IronPax Week2 – 9/07 0530

Date: Monday September 07, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: littlefinger





Six PAX (FVI, Denari, Hacky Sack, The Missionary, and Puck) started the holiday off early and right.


Smurf jacks

High back pulls

Mosey to Thang 1, 10 Jump Bears (broad jump and backwards bear crawl to start position)

Mosey to field

Thang 2 – Countdown Shuffle

Start on one sideline with Blastoff Squats (5 count on the way down to a jump squat), run to the opposite sideline and do 5 diamond merkins. Repeat decreasing squats by 5 and increasing merkins by 5.

Thang 3 – The 100 Yard Medley

Crab walk 25 yards, 10 merkins

30 lunges, 25 Freddy Mercurys

Run the remainder of the field, 15 Sphinx merkins


Thang 3 – Full Court Press

End zone to 25 yard and back

End zone to 50 yard and back

End zone to 75 yard and back

End zone zone to end zone and back


Thanks gents for joining me early and putting the work in.



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