Archives: City Limits – Austin (Chicago) 10/5

Date: Monday October 05, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: footloose



Prepare yourself for a Bo Jackson inspired beatdown! (Just recently rewatched the 30 for 30 ‘You Don’t Know Bo’. ..HIGHLY recommend)


Weather: 37 w/ some frost build up on turf (Bear Crawls-ouch-sorry)

PAX: Alliance, Cutter, Bronco, Terps, RA, Lego, Kodak, LED and Footloose on the Q


Imperial Walkers

Daisy Cutters 

Fellowship Run around Columbus Pond


The Thang: Bo Jackson Beatdown

Partner A: rotate four exercises up football field every 10yds. Broad jump, Nun lunges, Bear crawl, high knees. Return Shuffle 100 yds alternate direction every ten yds. Stop when partner steps on football field and run to baseball field.

Partner B: rotate through 4 stations at Baseball Field. 20 Tricep dips on bleachers behind Home, 20 big boys in RF, 20 wide grip Merkins in CF, 20 V-ups in LF.. Return to Football field to swap with Partner.

Circle up: Tabata workout finish

  1. Fairy jack
  2. Stutter jack
  3. High knee jack
  4. Anton Apollo Ono
  5. Mountain climber plain jack
  6. Dead bug (hand to oppo foot)
  7. Flutter kicks
  8. Box cutters


It’s a great mentality to “see yourself in the other persons shoes.” I think it’s very important that everyone acquired that skill. With elections coming up, I just ask that we try to be a bit more specific when considering our own political views. Try to take time to think about what life is like for those that are oppressed, or looked down upon by society. Try to take time to think about how we all live with a certain amount of privilege and because of that privilege we don’t have to worry about taking too big of a fall when times get rough. Try to take time thinking about future generations and what type of world/environment we will be handing off to them. If enough people start thinking about those issues in that specific way.. I feel good about what type of world my daughter and all of our kids will get to enjoy.



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