Archives: Chalmers VQ! Oak Park (Wed) 8/21

Date: Wednesday August 21, 2019

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: Chalmers





Location : Ridgeland Commons Recreational Center, aka ‘The Wreck Center’

Pax : Chalmers (QIC), Kodak, HackeySack, Goldie, Sheriff, Puck, LittleFingers, TheMissionary, OwnGoal, LeadPipe

10 Pax warmed up at the Wreck Center, mosied to the OPRF parking lot. Thanks to several recent downpours the lot was sparkly clean. We dashed up and down the ramp with Jump Squat Burpees at the top and Eccentric Squats at the bottom in Jacobs Ladder always ramping to a total of 8. We then mosied to the Ridgeland baseball diamond for 7 of Diamonds: 7 Tricep Extensions on each of the four bases, then 14, four count Flutter Kicks on each base, then 21 Merkins on each base—finishing with a crashing head first slide into home plate. The Pax then paired up for a Bear Crawl Slalom across the field with each person doing two. Ran to our favorite wall for a Wall Sit Burpee Challenge in pairs where one partner did a Wall Sit and the other did 10 normal Burpees for a set of two. Stole a page from Urkel’s video of Naperville F3 starting with 2 Merkins, 2 Merkins with feet one foot up wall, 2 Merkins three feet up the wall and 2 more as high as we can go. Arms officially turning to jello. Rolled over on our backs at our starting spot for 6 Minutes of Mary with Dolly’s, High Dolly’s and Dying Cockroach. Finally Kodak lead us thru a 15 count of “transcendental bliss” staring up at the morning sky and moon on our backs. A great start to the day.