Archives: Bunny Slope – Evanston 7/31

Date: Friday July 31, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: Mt. Trashmore – Evanston

QIC: deadic8



We’re gonna introduce the Evanston PAX on Sally, come get some. It will definitely suck,,,

My knees and shoulders are feeling pretty good and I’m feeling old-man strong





6 PAX got after it this am, practicing what we preach for the early morning gloom.




Grass pickers

Mosey to soccer pitch. Evolution 1. 6 sets of the following, 10 second rest in between sets.


Mountain Climbers

Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to tennis courts. Evolution 2. Ran the Beep Test. Great effort on everyone’s part, most PAX made it to level 12 intermittently. This is a tough fitness drill, tests your VO2Max and recovery efforts.

Mosey back to the Hill. Evolution 3. Bring Sally Up, three rounds of merkins, squats and then leg lifts. Full song each round. We were shot and frankly now sick of this song! Another solid effort by all.

YHC then had a brainfart and forgot to do name-o-rama, count-o-rama and COT. No picture, no video. Shit effort on my part. Great lesson learned here, be prepared for all aspects of the Q, not just the workout portion. Back to Q School for me during my mini break. Gotta remember, it’s more than just a workout for us. We need to incorporate all F’s, not just 1st F. I have tended to focus on this part as a PAX, it’s where I generally have had success and comes a little easier at times. Where I need improvement is the 2nd and 3rd F’s within our young, new group. This is what binds us as men, this is what keeps us coming back. Anyone can run fast, anyone can do a bunch of merkins. But can you create fellowship within the group and promote your faith/higher power (whatever that means for each PAX). It’s a great reminder to strive to better in all F’s, not just the ones you excel at within the group.

TClaps to Borland for volunteering/voluntold to lead next week’s BD for his VQ. Plenty of options for him and I know he’ll be solid. Sorry to miss.





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