Archives: Beach Beatdown (Sat) 8/3

Date: Saturday August 03, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Marco Polo
Roach Coach




Air Temp: 78°F

Lake Temp: 73°


Urkel down range from Naperville to take Q of the F3 Chicago Beach Beatdown at the special AO, Ohio Street Beach. Big time HIM move!

Denari led the warm up to get pax loose and bond with the city sand. Hydrants, mosey laps around volleyball court posts, side shuffle, and high knees got ’em warm. Time for Urkel to go to work!

Thang 1: Beach Run Relays

Three Stations with full on sprints in between. While waiting PAX does 10 Merkins, 10 Air Squats, and 10 Overhand Claps. Rinse and repeat both ends

Station 1: Start with 5 sand Burpees then Bear Crawl from cone to cone. First forward, then side, then back, then side, and finally forward again. Sprint to next station.

Station 2: Start with 10 Bonnie Blairs then Backwards Run from cone to cone. First forward, then side, then back, then side, and finally forward again. Sprint to next station.

Station 3: Start with 10 Broad Jump Merkins. Crab Walk from cone to cone. First forward, then side, then back, then side, and finally forward again. Rinse and repeat back. Winning team dips their feet in the water while losing team does 20 Burpees.

Thang 2: Find the Hidden Jem in the Sand

PAX will split into 2 teams. Each team will preform different Plank/Core related exercises while they wait for their turn. Each member of their team will take turns running to different cones looking for a ball hidden underneath it. Each time you go out you get one chance to find a ball, no ball no point given. First team to 10 points or most points after 10 mins wins. Winning team takes a winning photo with the losing team graveling at their feet.

Thang 3: Sled Pull Sprints

PAX will get in teams of 2 HIMs. Each HIM will sprint from cone to cone while pulling their teammate in a sled. Rinse and Repeat until both members cross the finish line. Winning team will have a doughnut bought for them by a member of any losing team.

6MoM: BUD/S style!

Denari led Mary and had pax line up at the shore break. Gas Pumps, flutter kicks, and merkins, with each set having a high plank to low plank set in between.

Moleskin: F3 Chicago welcome Naperville Q, Urkel, and pax, Roach Coach, to the special beach beatdown! We love sharing F3 love with HIM. We lost one DR pax due to Friday night Lollapalooza-ing! Announcements include reminders about upcoming events – 3rd F, GrowRuck, and Iron Pax. Special prayer requests for Bump and Mike. #DoughRuck finished off the morning, as pax rucked from the beach to Stan’s, Do-Rite (coffee and donuts), and Firecakes (donut). A great morning with all three Fs!







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