Archives: Be afraid. Be very afraid: Zoo Crew – Oct 31

Date: Saturday October 17, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown






the shining heres johnny GIF

Halloween Day is here and these Pax – Rancid (Santa), Ladybug (Elwood Blues), Homer (Jake Blues) didn’t disappoint and showed up in the Halloween spirit. On the last day of the month and last day before Day Light Savings, the boys quickly got down to work:

  1. Side Strangle Hop
  2. Frankensteins
  3. Wolfman (Don Quixote)
  4. Leprechaun
  5. Cujo Run (Mosey)
  6. Misery (Lions, Tigers, Bears x2)
  7. Exorcist (partner-assisted chin-ups)
  8. The Dead Zone (Death Burpees, Death Goblin Squat, Death Kettlebell Swing with coupons)
  9. The Evil Dead (11s: Burpees & Squats)
  10. Freddy’s Fingers (Flutter Kicks)
  11. A Quiet Place (silent Mt. Climbers)
  12. Patrick Bateman (100 LBCs)
  13. Jaws (American Hammer)

The maiden voyage for a new recruitment tactic (Movement of the Week) happened today with Homer as the instructor and Ladybug on the demo for the Merkin. Check your social media feeds that you know and love to see it. At coffeteria, Ladybug and Homer sans Rancid had an in-depth conversation about canine healthcare, federalism, and F3 growth. Later, Ladybug and Homer explored the parking garage across the street which may come in handy Jan and Feb. Though it may be a bit like a cheap hotel (no ball room) – *not* a Ladybug joke – the two pax think it will do just fine when it’s needed. Happy Halloween.



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