Archives: A Listening Lollapalooza or Sweet-Tooth’s Coffeeteria Outrage – The Bean (Sat) 10/26

Date: Wednesday October 16, 2019

Time: 12:00



Sweet Tooth
Little Finger
Little Finger
Little Finger


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F3 Chicago loves bottomless burpees, pain-strewn faces and sweat-drenched t-shirts. But tomorrow’s (Oct 26) beatdown will test something else as or more important. SYITG @Bean 7am sharp.


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Eleven tough men turned out morning of Oct. 26 (Cutter, Hackeysack, Kodak, Ladybug, Lavendar, Little Finger, Noonan, Peaches, Sherriff, Sweet-Tooth and Homer taking the Q). While the world knows the F3 Chicago Pax have tough skills in spades, they know they need to make room for soft skills too. Today was all about listening and strict compliance to the 3 + 1 Rule of F3 beatdowns: 1. “First exercise is….”, 2. “In position, move” 3. “In cadence/OYO, exercise!” + “Recover.” All F3 exercises begin and end with the 3 + 1 rule. For every mishap, a penalty burpee was inflicted on the group. Fortunately, it only took 9 burpees sets (45 total) before the Pax took a shine to listening intently to the Q. 

1.    Side Straddle Hope

2.    High Knees

3.    Imperial Walker

4.    Twisting Lunge

5.    Sumo Crunch

6.    Mosey

7.    Pull-up

8.    Pumpjack

9.    Pull-up

10. Old Faithful

11. Mosey

12. Partner Circuit: Burpees 25/Merkins 50/Squats 75/Big Boy Situps 100 + coupon carry

13. Mosey

14. Abe Vigoda

15. Carolina Drydock

16. Mosey

17. Red Bull Rocky Balboa

18. Partner-assisted dips

19. Partner-assisted military press

20. American Hammer

21. Freddy Mercury

Naked Moleskin Alert: F3 Chicago is well known for its stimulating coffeeteria conversation and that’s probably what motivated Sweet-tooth to make a rare visit to the post-beatdown salon-style symposium that is famous across the Chicago metropolis. Little did the Pax know that Sweet-tooth would be intensely triggered by the conversation topic of eating roasted dog – which his own son and new daughter-in-law no doubt feasted upon while they honeymooned in Vietnam – prompting him to respond in moral revulsion, curse the unholiness of the offending Pax, storm out of Coffeeteria with flailing arms and vow never again to engage in F3 fellowship post-beatdown. For those Pax who wondered what the big deal was, please bring your insights and ideas for next week’s coffeeteria conversation topic: