Archives: 9/19 WreckCenter Bootcamp : What LeadPipe Missed

Date: Saturday September 19, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak



9/19 Pre : I need some miles tmr, so gimme some HCs for an EC Ruck, kicking off at 6:15a

Then we go straight into a saturday beatdown w/ some tricks in the bag … I’m calling this one ‘GR Teams’ inspired.

SYITG – 6:15 EC Ruck, 7:00 Bootcamp ….then 8:15 EC Ruck. /Kodak Out!


9/19 Bootcamp : What LeadPipe Missed

Conditions : 50’s and perfect. Field wet w/ morning dew.

Pax : Bronco, Cloud9, Fogger, Hooker, Kodak(QIC), not LeadPipoe who HC’d late last night and then missed the beatdown.


Motivators (10)

Daisey Pickers

Mtn. Man Poopers


Imperial Walkers

Thang1: Partner 4×4 Complex

  • P1+P2 run a lap and then work together to complete req. reps, however they want to break up.
  • Lap1(50 reps), Lap2(40 reps), Lap3(30 reps), Lap4(20 reps)
  • Exercises : Burpees, Merkins, Squats, BBSU

Thang2: Partner Sandbag (20m distance, 30-40# sandbag)

  • P1 Army Crawls / P2 BearCrawl+drags SB (switch)
  • P1 Crab Walk / P2 Fwd Throw SB (switch)
  • P1 Ape Walk / P2 Lateral Throw SB (switch)

6MoM – Group Contribution:

  • Flutter Kicks (Kodak)
  • Reverse Crunch (Bronco)
  • Ankle Circles (Cloud9)
  • BBSU (Fogger)
  • Freddie Mercuries (Hooker)

COT : Spoke on Durability – it’s what we do when we come out in the early morning and only the Q knows what is in store for the day. We put ourselves in unusual circumstances to test our mettle.

IronPax tweeted this quote and it stuck w/ me all week :

“Durability is the physical and emotional toughness that is fostered through deliberate exposure to hardship and chaos. Durability, like everything else, is a condition that is either accelerating or decelerating.”

So, just like our fitness and family relationships, we don’t coast. If we think we’re coasting, we are actually getting weaker, losing focus, decelerating. We have to continue to push forward and advance ourselves in all aspects of life, including our durability. /Kodak Out!