Archives: 6 PAX at The Bean (Tue) 7/30 for a DR-Popper Beatdown: The Southern Harmony and Muse-ical Companion

Date: Tuesday July 30, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: f3popper

Marco Polo
Van Gogh



AO: The Bean

When: 7/30

PAX: Denari, Marco Polo, DR-Van Gogh, DR-Frogger, DR-Bevo, DR-Popper

QIC: DR-Popper



This morning in the gloom, YHC had the pleasure of leading a diverse troop of regular and downrange PAX at #TheBean. We had guys from Winston-Salem, San Antonio, Charlotte and Yours Truly from ATL. And whaddya know? DR-Frogger from Charlotte and YHC work at the same company. Small world. After some DR PAX got chased away from The Bean by the Paul Blart security squad, the PAX circled up on Michigan Avenue for the disclaimer.


The beatdown recipe YHC whipped up is an oldy but a goody, adapted for the F3 Chicago landscape. It’s a modified version of a favorite beatdown bestowed on YHC’s home AO The Hooch in F3 Alpha (ATL suburbs) by the illustrious F3 Alpha Nantan Ha-Ha. Today’s version is an out-and-back mosey with a lengthy 0.0 session in between of partner alternating rep counts and AMRAPs set to some Muse-ic.




From Michigan/Randolph, mosey to the Federal Building Columns just north of the Cancer Survivors’ Garden

·        Along the way: Side-shuffles, high knees, butt kickers

·        At the columns, Turn on Muse-ic over the portable Bluetooth speaker and crank out warm up reps of…

o  SSH

o  Weed pickers (aka daisy pickers, aka through-the-tunnel, aka the bendy reachy thing)

o  Imperial walkers

o  Forward & backward arm circles



5:35: Partner up and repeat the following sequence for the next ~33 minutes:


·        Muse song starts.

·        Partner 1 does a specified rep count of exercise A, while Partner 2 does AMRAP of exercise B.

·        Swap, and Partner 2 does rep count A and Partner 1 does AMRAP B.

·        Rinse and repeat until end of song.



Song  | Time | Exercise A (Reps) | Exercise B (AMRAP)

Propaganda | 3:00 | Warm-up reps

Super Massive Black Hole | 3:32 | 5 Burpees | SSH

Dead Inside | 4:22 | 20 Bonnie Blairs | Balls to the Wall / Plank (avoid the dog poo)

Pressure | 3:55 | 20 Lateral Hops | Dips

Madness | 4:41 | 20 L/R Lunges | Dirty Handshake (avoid the dog poo)

Uprising | 5:04 | 10 Derkins | Bonnie Blairs

Starlight | 4:03 | PCMB | Dips

Something Human | 3:46 | 5 Plank Destroyers | Star Jumps

Dig Down | 3:38 | Mosey back to the Bean

Knights of Cydonia | 6:07 | Mary 


6:08: Mosey back to The Bean.




·        Flutter kicks

·        The unofficially named broken windshield wiper

·        American hammers

·        Leg raises



Exciting upcoming events at The Bean and Dip City. GrowRuck in September. New AO launching next Wednesday 8/7 in Oak Park, a healthy stone’s throw from The Bean. Prayers for traveling mercies, and perseverance for M’s holding down the fort with 2.0s while their HIMs travel for work and post in the gloom.



YHC has said it before: A mix of stalwart local HIMs and rotating tap of down range PAX make this F3 Chicago group an exciting place to be. Thanks for the privilege to Q down range with you guys. See you Thursday.





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