The Combine

Lucky 7s

Pax: Bergundy, Fogger, Bronco, Kipling, Silver Spoon, Public Access, Lord of the Dance, Webelos, Quimby, Rossy, Don Jr Warm Up: Motivators, Michael Phelps, Old Man Stretch The Workout: an exercise EMOM for 7 minutes, followed by a recovery lap and a new exercise Round 1 – 7 burpees or flying squirrels EMOM for 7 minutes […]

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The 600

Dryland Standing Individual Medley Stretch-In cadence to 10 each-Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle Imperial hillbilly Walkers Daisy pickers Hillbilly Rockette Kicks Mosey around block Pair up One person completes a 25 yard bear crawl then run while the other works to complete the reps below 200 dips 200 big boys 200 hand release merkins One

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Man o’ Man

WARMUP Imerial Walkers 10 motivators 7 Old man streach 10 count Rossy 10 count MAIN EVENT 20 seconds with 10 sec break x 14 repeats Jabs, Upper cut, round house, bob/weave Lunges Merkins Kicks COOL DOWN (Yoga flow) tree pose -> warrior 3 Dog down -> pigeon -> child pose -> butterfly

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